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Dave Wood And Dave Sharpe Are Empower Network Founders
submitted by corliss-65
David WoodCEO and Co-FounderHe’s a visionary, a real leader, and a master marketer and speaker. His charismatic personality and his “put people first” attitude have made him one of the most loved, trusted and followed marketing leaders online today. He gives Empower Network something many owners lack, and that’s a love for the people, the process of building a business and real grass roots experience building businesses himself.Before co-founding Empower Network David Wood was the #1 all time producer in four separate network marketing companies, and proved himself to be one of the most effective and influential marketers the online marketing industry had ever seen. Today, he spends his time traveling, hanging out on the beaches of the world and teaching people how to create transformation and change in their life in areas they want to breakthrough.David SharpePresident and Co-FounderHe’s a leader’s leader, a master direct-response marketer and one of the most talented and passionate speakers and story-tellers in the world. He brings a certain level of authenticity and transparency to everything he does that creates a refreshing atmosphere where people can grow and change.
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